5 Tips To Expand Twitter Followers Online

With Twitter’s recent activity and growth, now it is as large as Facebook when it comes to social network. It’ll only take you about 2 minutes to get things going with making a Twitter account and posting messages. It’s so simple. For you to start seeing outcomes, nevertheless, takes a lot of time. Building an […]

QuickInstall – HostGator’s Own Fantastico

HostGator deployed their newest in-house developed script installer, the QuickInstall. QuickInstall, as the name implies, allows you to quickly install the most common scripts on your server with just a few clicks away. Since all the programming for QuickInstall and its software library are in-house, updating installed scripts on your server will be a lot […]

The Best WordPress Hosts

The most common, popular and robust web publishing platform is WordPress. It’s free, but you’ll need to pay for hosting. I have used WordPress across a variety of different servers and one question I’m always getting asked is: “Who is the best WordPress host?” Of course, it depends on what you’re looking for but here […]

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

You obviously want to engage the services of the best WordPress hosting provider for your website. You already know that not all hosting companies are the same and there are lots to choose from, it is only safe to be careful and selective when choosing the best WordPress hosting provider that meets your present requirements […]

How To Get The Right Web Hosting

If you have a website, whether it’s for your business, or just a personal website such as a blog or general interest site, getting the right Web hosting is very important. Web hosting is a service that stores your files, images and content that make up your website, on a computer so that it is […]

Top Five Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

As any online business owner will tell you, a good web hosting provider is critical for operations to run smoothly and for the profits to keep coming in. You do not wish to be jumping from one provider to another. Ideally, the relationship between an online property owner and a web host has to be […]

Unlimited Web Hosting Syndrome

We all know what “Unlimited” means. In simple terms, Unlimited means limit-less, without end, never ending. These are all terms which can be found in today’s standard dictionaries such as Oxford English Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary however when you bring web hosts into the equation, the meaning of “Unlimited” gets severely obscured. Before we […]

Why It’s A Bad Idea To Use “Free” Web Hosting For Your Business

In a misguided effort to save money, many new entrepreneurs decide to skimp on the most critical element of their business’ online presence: their company’s website. Rather than purchasing a domain and web hosting, they sign up for a “free” service offering “websites-in-a-box.” “Free” hosting providers have their place. They’re fine for strictly personal uses, […]

10 Compelling Reasons For You To Start a Reseller Web Hosting Business

Who would have thought that setting up home based virtual web hosting business is not only very easy, for anyone, but it also provides an attractive way of establishing an extremely lucrative online business. Furthermore the benefits of setting up a reseller web hosting business from home are so compelling that it is no wonder […]